Day 15 – Romania saves Rosia Montana from Gabriel Resources #unitisalvam

Save Rosia Montana – A place just like just like J. R. R. Tolkien’s Shire

Remember, Remember
That Eight of September

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It’s Sunday, 15th of September, and Romania takes the streets for the 15th day in a row so the whole planet will hear our opposition against the cyanide mining project at Rosia Montana, one of the most beautiful places in Romania, with mountains and hills painted with many shades of green that someone could feel just like in J. R. R. Tolkien’s Shire. A place that is an incredible cultural treasure and should be protected by UNESCO.

Scotia Capital suspends rating on Gabriel Resources

Scotia Capital suspends rating on Gabriel Resources

Last Sunday more than 50.000 people were out protesting, in Romania and all over the world, against Gabriel Resources and the corrupt president, government and parliament. And you can see in this picture taken from the Google finance feed the voice of the people affected this corrupt company, and it’s plans to rob Romania just like they did in Guinea, Peru or other countries betrayed by their leaders.

Here we will post pictures from the Facebook feeds from today’s event so everyone can see what the Romanian media is trying to hide.

Occupy Bucharest – Save Rosia Montana

Save Rosia Montana Romania Protests – 15 days in a row – 15th of september 2013

Cluj 15th September Save Rosia Montana

Bucharest protests against Gabriel Resources for the 15th day in a row

NO to cyanide mining in our Country! NO to the corrupt politicians bought by Gabriel Resources


A free advice for the Romanian’s PM Victor Ponta regarding Rosia Montana

To Ponta Victor,

If you didn’t saw this coming by now then I really do not see a future for you. I remember when you shared your first experience with traian basescu, our not so loved president. You were telling that before a TV show he came to you and proposed a civilized behavior and dialogue during the show, only to forget the gentlemans‘ agreement when the show started and launch on a number of dirty attacks.

This was the first encounter and many more similar stories could be told about basescu by you, others that had to deal with him and by the simple Romanian citizens. Now, if you didn’t learn a thing from this I will tell you what will happen next in the rosia montana story.

You think that passing the ball in the parliament’s court will distance you from the responsibility of this supreme treason against the Romania’s best interests. Legally, when the time will come, you could have a chance of skipping jail time, allthough I doubt it, but your future in the Romanian’s public life…let’s just say that you will be the country’s number 1 enemy.

You are probably thinking that if calin tariceanu did it, so can you. Well, when tariceanu gave away the exploration rights to sterling, he took advantage of a moment without social tensions, without more than 50.000 people in the street, in Romania and all over the world. And with people getting out to protest for two weeks now. TWO WEEKS! And I don’t think there’s another topic more exposed by the social media, because the traditional media betrayed the country too, like you did, like your government did and like the parliament, so eager to simulate a debate to make us believe that they will vote with the country’s best interest in mind.

But you know that the parliament is already on the gabriel resources’ side so it’s a win / win for you. You make this happen and you have no responsibility, even if YOU allowed this law to exist and be discussed in the parliament, by the ones who stole our votes by promising that they will not allow the Rosia Montana project to start. So, in other words, no they don’t represent Romania and they have no right to give away what is not theirs, to destroy what should be left for future generations.  And you will end up with a lose/lose result. 

And after you and the parliament mafia will pass this awful law, it will end up in the Romanian presidency court. And there you will have the big surprise, when basescu will not approve the law, but send it back to the parliament or ask for a national referendum. He will be the HERO who fights against the corrupt political class and saves the country. And with this very simple move he will destroy you, he will destroy the parliament credibility for the next 20 years, he will kill USL, if it will still exists by then. Because crin could be smarter and distance himself and PNL from this shitbomb that you are holding in your hand.

Nobody will care that basescu insisted for this project to happen, and he has a great contribution to the fact that we are in this unpleasant situation, he will be the one who saves the day. You will be the one who betrayed his country and took advantage of the votes of the people who put their trust in you. What you are doing right now is political suicide but this is so obviously that you probably know it. And then why are you going ahead with this? Not because it would be the good thing to do for country, everyone with a minimum intelligence knows it’s not the case, not even close. There are only to options: you have something to gain for this or you are afraid of the people who insist for this.

You could stop it all, you have this power. And because you are not ending this shameful law, and this contract with gabriel resources, that has so much corruption in its history that Romania could easily end it without any problems (like scary lawsuits and billions of dollars in damages), YOU are responsible.

And if you believe that you could make this project work, even if basescu would help you, you are so wrong and probably you have a day dreaming problem. Romania will not allow this, this country was robbed enough and people are seeing in this project all the harm done in the last 23 years. And this time we all screamed ENOUGH!!!

Even if we would all have to go to Rosia Montana and stop them right there, face to face, THIS PROJECT WILL NOT TAKE PLACE. 

We will not allow you and your partners to destroy something of a unique cultural importance and to expose this country to a huge environmental. We remember Baia Mare, to name just one, and this time will be something unseen in the entire Europe. We will not allow this to happen in our country. It’s our country, not your property.

Just think who is for this project and why? A few hundred corrupt politicians! The church is against, the Romanian Academy is against, the Royal House is against, the European partners are against, the NGOs are against and WE THE PEOPLE ARE AGAINST. And you know that because otherwise you would have organized a referendum to consult the population on this subject. Or, to help you forget the costs excuse, you could just add an extra question when one of the next referendums will take place.

We are not Peru, we are not Indonesia, we are not Guinea, we are not New Zeeland, to name just a few of the countries robbed by the ones who are behind Gabirel Resources. Details in the links, in case you don’t know the history of the ones you are selling us to(although the PM should know about these things and even inform the citizens):

But like I said, just consider the “Ponta traitor/Basescu hero” scenario. It’s basescu’s chance to wash himself of all the things he did against Romania. And he did plenty. But after this all will be forgiven because he will be the one who saved the country and he will have a strong influence for the rest of his life.

And I will end with a question: how many thought that nastase will end up in jail. And for what? The question in the case of those who are betraying the country in this story is when they will get out of jail, if ever?

Open Letter to Prince Charles about Cyanide mining in Romania

Rupert Wolfe Murray writes to Prince Charles about his grave concerns for the Rosia Montana region of Transylvania, under threat from Cyanide mining…….

Dear Prince Charles,

Your appreciation of Transylvania’s unique ecosystem is well known and, after your first visit to the region in 1998, you said you were “totally overwhelmed by its unique beauty and its extraordinarily rich heritage.” But something terrible is about to happen in Transylvania — a vast open cast cyanide mine — and I urge you to lend your voice to those who are trying to prevent a catastrophe.

The proposed gold mining project at Rosia Montana will erase three pristine villages and four mountains from the face of the planet, creating a sterile zone the size of a small city that will be contaminated for millennia. The investors plan to build a 185 metre high dam (higher than the Three Gorges Dam in China) that will contain 214 million tons of cyanide waste. The threat to the region’s groundwater supply, and the Danube River, are serious.

Even though the project has been blocked by local courts over the last 15 years, and does not have an environmental permit, the current Romanian government have introduced a law which seems to have been written by the cyanide miners themselves. The law will give them extraordinary powers, allowing them to sweep aside all environmental and heritage protection regulations. It is currently waiting for parliamentary approval and there is no time to be lost.

Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (RMGC), an offshore investment fund, have carried out one of the most brilliant PR campaigns ever seen in Europe and most Romanians now believe their promises of local jobs, taxes and environmental protection. For many years now RMGC has been one of the biggest advertising spender in Romania and it is very difficult for the opposition movement to get their perspective into the mainstream media. One Romanian journalist told me they were forbidden to use the word “cyanide” in any article about the project. As a result, the Romanian public are not aware of the risks.

I first became aware of the international scale of this PR campaign when the former European editor of the Economist told me that RMGC had one of the most impressive international PR campaigns that he had ever seen at their editorial offices in London. An important part of RMGC’s international campaign was a high budget documentary film that was presented by Phelim McAleer, a former Financial Times correspondent to Romania. The film explains that cyanide mining is harmless and the real problem is the environmentalists.

In Romania, one of the most effective things the cyanide miners did was to invite a large group of senior Romanian journalists to New Zealand to see a cyanide mine for themselves, an action that consolidated the support of much of Romania’s mainstream media. Protests against the mine are taking place in London, Bucharest and 25 other European cities, but the Romanian media have portrayed them as “hipsters and druggies”.

Cristian Tudor Popescu, one of Romania’s best political writers, described his experience of RMGC’s PR campaign:

“I see every day on the TV and in the papers how big, bitter and lacking in scruples is the Gold Corporation’s propaganda campaign. At peak viewing hours, when one second of airtime is worth a small bag of gold, they bring poor people from the affected area to weep in front of the cameras…I can’t forget the image of a middle aged lady who said she couldn’t afford to feed her children. She also mentioned that she had a short term contract with RMGC, even though the project hadn’t begun. Message: if the project starts she, as well as 450 others, will have long term contracts and will be able to feed their children…

“I am not in a position to draw any economic or ecological conclusions about Rosia Montana, but I can make a logical observation: when someone spends tons of gold, year after year, to convince the public that they want to do something good for them – but not for themselves – you can surely expect something bad to happen further down the line.”

I ask you to help the Romanians in their hour of need as you are really appreciated in this south east European country. Many Romanians are ashamed of their poverty and corruption and the fact that you speak highly of their unique rural way of life, and that you have invested in a couple of homesteads in Transylvania, is seen as an important vote of confidence.

Rupert Wolfe Murray is a writer and editor from the Borders Region of Scotland. He currently lives in Bucharest, Romania.

London protest information here.

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Cyanide free Romania! The protests continue until the use of cyanide in mining operations is forbidden!

The protests in the street will continue until:

– the Parliament, through the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, will vote the rejection of the law project;

– the Government will reject the environmental permit following the procedure for an emergency bill through Government decision;

– Rosia Montana is included on the tentative UNESCO list for Romania;

– cyanide is forbidden by law in the mining exploitations in Romania;

– the four initiators of the law project: the Minister Delegate for infrastructure projects of national interest and foreign investments (Dan Şova), the Minister of Environment and Climate Change (Rovana Plumb), the Minister of Culture and Cults (Daniel Barbu) and the ANRM manager (Gheorghe Duţu) are removed from office.

The Facebook page Rosia Montana in UNESCO World Heritage, together with other multiple social media, announces a new general mobilisation for the 15th of September. All those who agree with the ban of cyanide use in mining are welcome to the street demonstrations in different towns in Romania and abroad.

Read the entire article on the website.

Gabriel Resources share price crash #rosiamontana

After more than 50.000 Romanians protested against the cyanide mining project at Rosia Montana (over 20.000 in Bucharest, close to 10.000 in Cluj and many more thousands in other cities in Romania, Europe and around the globe) and the Romanian PM public statement that the government will obey the people’s will and the Rosia Montana Project will be stopped,

the Gabriel Resources share price took a big dive and after the stock opened on Monday morning they were already at over -40%. Auch. Help them with a share 🙂

Romania says no to gabriel resources stock crash

gabriel resourcs shares drop

small update

gabriel resources shareprice september drop

gabriel resources shareprice september drop


Media Blackout when it comes Save Rosia Montana protests? No problem, we’ll make our own media

Romania Rising – Great article on

More than 15 000 people have marched in the streets of Bucharest today, and many thousands more have protested in tens of other cities, both in Romania and abroad. In a country where televisions are starving for the “sensational”, and mundane gossip becomes “breaking news”, televisions are silent. Politicians who normally race to give a statement about the most trivial of subjects are quiet. There is a virtual media black-out on the whole phenomenon, the largest peaceful popular protest since the fall of communism. Never in the past 20 years have so many people come out in the streets, never before has this country seen such a mass of people protesting peacefully, making themselves heard using state of the art tools of democracy in a country which proves to be nowhere near democratic.